“M.C.C. Recreation” – Bob Hopeful – M.C.C.

      1. M.C.C. never ceases to amaze me, I found out that this afternoon they closed the rec yard for the men in minimum custody. The source stated that they couldn’t go outside because there was no staff to watch the yard. What the Fuck? Those inmates are minimum custody because they have proven them selves worth of it. The other minimum custody facilities in Maine (Charleston and Bolduc.) Don’t Have Fences! With that said why should the minimum custody inmates at MCC be treated differently? It’s down right degrading to these inmates to be treated in such a fashion, compared to their fellow minimum inmates at other facilities. Mr. Commissioner and Mr. Superintendent just because were a couple incidents in the rec yard in 15 years and one being recently (which would have been avoided if the officer on duty would have done their job properly.) Regardless, of the fact minimum inmates should be allowed to roam the rec yard with out supervision. My opinion Mr. Commissioner is do not allow classification to under classify individual with violent tendencies just to move them out of the pods in a timely manner. (Something I’ve heard you have allowed.



Mr. Bob Hopeful

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