“A Note to Rage and My Loyal Viewers.” – Bob Wire – M.C.C.

Hey, Rage,

What a pleasant surprise to hear from you and everyone else out there in the Holistic Nation.

I’ve had a pretty good pile of material in my brain and in print, but I wasn’t sure about sending it to the soldier who does the blogs and the excellent tarot readings – is that Lyssarian? – I thought that the police here at M.C.C. might watch mail traffic at that address. Never under-estimate the power of paranoia! Any way, I might pen a thing or two to see if the Wire still cuts deep.. hmmm.. this you guys, me, blog thing has a bit of a religious tone to it.. I got it!

Jesus calling Lazarus from the grave.

Juice is doing okay, he is waiting to go back to the farm. Which will come first is a decision for the gods. Savage (of P-6 and the Windham Philharmonic) is doing okay; I’ll pass along a hello from you.

As for X, I don’t associate with him.  He has stirred up so much trouble for so many.  He seems to have donned the role as “the voice” who reveals rippers and skinners.  It is really/truly so sad that X’s near-death experience did nothing to alter his outlook on life.  I guess he doesn’t have time to consider his mortality whin rippers still exist.  Oh, yeah.  And black folks.

Note:  They are turning Dorm 5 into medium security.  True!  I got moved to 6, and a shitload will wind up a Downeast Correctional.  Have of 5 is already converted.

I have an idea for a blog.  I can try it, knowing, Rage, that you’re alive.  I have been in such a funk, I haven’t been able to pull myself out of it.  Perhaps ol’ Wire can drag out his pen, and brush, and once again paint M.C.C. in the only light he knows.


Note: If anyone wants to write me directly, send an e-mail to robin.rage@holisticrecoveryproject.org, and he’ll send you an addy.



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