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The Times They Aren’t A Changin’

Now that I am no longer associated in any way with the Dorms (5, 6, etc), I feel I can finally say what everyone else knows, but are hushed-mouth about.  Dorm 5 needs one new morning shift CO.  I do not know who reads this shit I write, but a staffer (of any kind) would know who I am talking about, and why this change must happen.  For those who have no idea why this CO must go, I will quote one of my minions:

“This fuckin’ place is out of control.”

The sad fact is the CO of whom I speak is weak an weakness is an invitation for disaster.  Inmates prey on this weakness, and the CO can’t or won’t respond to it, because (you guessed it!) he is weak.  What Dorm 5 needs for that one shift?  Is a good solid dose of CO Smith (in Security Dorms) or CO LeClair (T2, wherever he may be).

Oh!  How I loved the good old days with Smith in Dorm 5 (nights).  All the new “tough guys” who did not know Smith got a rude awakening when they gave Smith shit or disobeyed him.  I would watch from afar and say: “Oh boy, here it comes” when I knew some inmate was just about to give Smith lip!  And oh boy!  And did it come, when the smart ass remark rolled off the lips like a wet kiss, and landed on Smith’s ear.  The facts of the matter are these: Smith & T2 don’t take shit; do what one is supposed to do and all is fine.  Secondly, when inmates are allowed to walk all over a CO, the CO by lack of control puts all inmates into a potentially dangerous situation and in harms way…

There is no Batman light to shine into the night sky as a call for help, and there does not need to be.  The Powers that Be know the score, but are unwilling to change the line-up.

Bob Wire

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