The Death of Beauty

It saddens this ole’ Bob Wire’s heart when I see senseless destruction of flower, beautiful flowers that line the road/runway/walkway (whatever).  Once again the real prisoners, the tough guys, the criminals and hard cases leave their mark of “tuff guyhood” all over the flowers they stop on, break off and pull out of the ground; after all it takes a tough man to Fell a Row of flowers!

The reason for this is not because such inmate tortured or abused animals (though I am certain they did!) as children, but because they are making a stand in front of their Homies that they simply detest (not the flowers) the skinners, Rippers & Touchers that seeded, planted and tend them.  These bad ass of the bad assed boy are going to teach those sex offenders a thing or two.  There is no end to what these bad ass Ombre’s will do to prove a point!

I do not know for certain if the following is true, but, it did come from a trusted source!  I understand these Bad Boys shit in their boxers because Skinners work in the laundry.  They spit and hawk boogers into their meals before they eat it because Rippers work in the chow hall.  They piss themselves and let it run all over the floors because some are cleaned by Touchers.  They Float and Flutter their Dorms spouting words like “Oh!  Daddy that feels so good!” as their cellie sucks them off.

They make believe “House” play on their walk as they laugh about fingering little girls, in fact despite all the Blow-Hard words and the tough guy actions they (in my humble observation) spend more time talking about molesting children than any Ripper, Skinner, or Toucher I’ve run into here @MCE.



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