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“Hermetically Sealed”

Whenever I  consider “Hermetically Sealed for Sanitary Protection,” my mind travels to those days of television yesteryear, for it was in those years that I learned that hermetic sealing was for tampons only, at least from a commercial stand point.  I’ll be straight with you:  I lost many a good night’s sleep wondering why the hell tampons required hermetic sealing.  I’ll tell you folks that in a thousand years you could not convince me that the tampon factory could be less clean than the place those tampons are stuffed into.  I bet  one could make tampons in a fish processing factory and it would still be cleaner than a woman’s “pit of despair!”

Speaking of which that “pit of despair” reminds me of this pit of despair, a.k.a. Maine Correctional Center (M.C.C.)  It is my experience that inmates often feel that meds are served in a sanitary manner when one sees the med nurse using those blue latex gloves that were never likely hermetically sealed.  Let me tell you folks, the use of those gloves provide the “illusion” of sanitariness!  This is a straight-up illusion for this reason:  the fucking glove goes where the hand goes, it has no choice – it’s on the hand.

If a gloved hand scratches its owner’s ass, or picks someone’s meds up off of the floor, or dials a phone that was just stuck to a sweaty ear, or handles unsanitary medical records, carts, boxes or prescriptions or brushes hair out of the face, it is un-sanitary, glove or no glove.  So, pick your nose and scratch your ass, but deliver my meds on time – for it all adds up to nothing in the end.

Next, we have the use of those same blue gloves by C.O.s, whenever they storm a room for a search of contraband.  What the hell does a C.O. need gloves for?  Are the gloves needed to pick through an unsanitary pile of shit on an inmate’s floor?  Is it to protect themselves from possible contamination?  Or, could it be the gloves are worn because the light blue contrasts quite nicely with the dark uniforms?  Why don’t the inmates need those gloves?  Is the inmate likely to touch something that would harm him, but not harm the C.O.?

If there is a concern for protection, why are not the C.O.s made to wear those gloves 24-7?  Sanitary protection is an illusion for C.O.s, inmates and staffers.  Protection for all is the M.C.C. mantra, even if that protection does not include inmates!!!

Let me wrap it up with this:  people eating in the chow hall might think that a good job is done by those who hustle from table to table to clean it before the next people use that table.  People might believe the cleaning process has left sanitary conditions in its wake.  Nothing could be further from the truth, blue gloves or not.  With close attention one will notice that the table are being cleaned with a hand towel.  Wipe a table, wipe another, wipe another and then rinse that towel in the now-filthy water in the bucket by the door and wipe every table with the filth from the last table until every table top becomes bacteria-ladened-formica-petri-dish and that is only the beginning of the chow hall issues.

“Hermetically Sealed for Sanitary Protection” is an illusion, and one with possibly deadly effects.


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“Fuck-Fuck Corrections.” Bob Wire, M.C.C.

In the age of Fuck-Fuck corrections, one might wonder how anything gets done, any thing at all.  What is Fuck-Fuck correctrions, you ask?  I’ll tell you what Fuck-Fuck corrections are.  Fuck-Fuck corrections is the act of making things look like they are making progress or improvement.  Fuck-Fuck corrections is: the shuffling of people her, moving them there, cutting fat here, stream-lining the system from top to bottem.  Now, Fuck-Fuck corredtions might not be such a bad thing, except is is absolutely nothing more than the ILLUSION of progress.  In reality Fuck-Fuck corrections is nothing more than slight-of-hand with a marked deck of cards.  Fuck-Fuck corrections don’t make things better, they move one incompetent person after another into some new job, they don’t understand , nor could they accomplish it if they did understand it.

Maine Correctional Center (M.C.C.) has been going through it’s own phase of Fuck-Fuck correcti0ons of late, C.O.’s sent here, C.O.’s sent there; back and forth and on and on and on and up and down and inside out and not a god-damn thing gets better!  Not one god-damn thiung!  Same incompetent people performing someone else’s job or something like that.  DON’T BELIEVE <E?  Then tell me how a competent staff person, in a competently run facility could forget to process the paperwork, or forgets to pass it along ot the right person for inmates getting out of jail.  YES!  In the last two months at M.C.C., the staff has FAILED to properly process or handle the paperwork of two inmates who had “done their time;”  HONEST.  How the hell does that happen?  How the hell can you let an inmate languish in anxiety to go home after he has served month after year in prison?  How the hell does that happen?  I’ll tell you how it happens:


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