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Georgia Tech student Scout Schultz shot dead by police

University police in the US state of Georgia have shot and killed an LGBT student activist, sparking an inquiry.

Police encountered Scout Schultz, 21, outside a campus dormitory in Atlanta after a call about “a person with a knife and a gun” late on Saturday.

Video shows Schultz refusing to obey police commands, and advancing on them. A family lawyer said Schultz was holding a closed multi-tool.

The student’s parents said police should not have used lethal force.

“Why did you have to shoot?” the victim’s father said at an emotional news conference on Monday. “That’s the question, I mean that’s the only question that matters right now. Why did you kill my son?”

What happened to Schultz?

In a video filmed by a fellow student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Schultz is pictured outside the entrance to a parking garage and can be heard saying “Shoot me!” several times while walking towards the officers.

“Drop the knife, man, come on” a police officer responds.

“Nobody wants to hurt you” another says, before one officer eventually opens fire, hitting Schultz in the chest.

Schultz did not appear to be holding a gun, investigators said, despite what had initially been reported to police.


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#ComradeTrump to begin the transfer of military equipment to local cops.

H19 police military

The Trump administration is slated to lift a ban on the transfer of military equipment to local police departments. The 1033 program was halted after widespread protests and outrage following the local police’s military-style occupation of Ferguson, Missouri, amid the uprising over the police killing of unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown.

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