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#ComradeTrump to begin the transfer of military equipment to local cops.

H19 police military

The Trump administration is slated to lift a ban on the transfer of military equipment to local police departments. The 1033 program was halted after widespread protests and outrage following the local police’s military-style occupation of Ferguson, Missouri, amid the uprising over the police killing of unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown.

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Justice Department to Revive Civil Asset Forfeitures by Police – they can take your shit, convicted or not. Yay, Amerika!


The Justice Department said this week it will allow state and local police departments to seize cash and property from people suspected of crimes—even if they haven’t been convicted. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says the policy, called “civil asset forfeiture,” is an important tool for fighting crime. The practice was largely ended by the Obama administration after investigations showed local police routinely stopped drivers for minor traffic infractions and seized billions of dollars’ worth of property. In some cases, departments used the assets to pay for luxury cars and high-powered weapons. The ACLU has called civil asset forfeiture a violation of due process that disproportionately targets communities of color.

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